LPG – Endermologie

This ‘made in France’ technology delicately stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cell activity. It is a natural, painless procedure that gives immediately visible results without side-effects. 200,000 people a day choose this technology.

Face, arms, upper body, lower body

10-40 mins

From 50 CHF

Purpose of lpg endermologie

LPG Endermologie technology is a 100% natural treatment to achieve non-invasive mechanical stimulation of connective tissue. This reactivates the skin’s natural physiological processes.

To be as effective as possible, LPG Endermologie sessions should be combined with a balanced diet and regular sport.

Benefits of lpg endermologie

Fat removal; orange-peel skin smoothed out; firmer skin.

Expected outcome of lpg endermologie

The results are visible immediately, effective after 3 sessions and optimal after 12 sessions.


Next Motion is an application that enables doctors to create, edit and share perfectly standardized, comparable dynamic ‘before/after’ videos in less than a minute.

The CSMCE has chosen this innovative technology, enabling completely transparent progress in patient care and fostering a trusting relationship with practitioners.

Useful information

Before the intervention

  • A medical consultation is recommended to ascertain any contraindications you may have

Day of the intervention

  • Establishing your beauty objectives to create a bespoke programme.
  • Morphological/photographic assessment.
  • Palpation assessment.
  • You will be given an endermowear suit (50 CHF), which is obligatory for your body.
  • You will be given an endermologie kit (50 CHF), which is obligatory for your face.
  • At the start of the session, you will be in a stretched-out position.
  • You can resume normal activity immediately after the session.

After the intervention

  • Booster period for the first month: 2-3 sessions a week.
  • Then 1 session every 15 days.


  • 10-min session
    50 CHF
  • 20-min session
    90 CHF
  • 30-min session
    120 CHF
  • 40-min session
    150 CHF
  • Pack of six 40-min sessions
    800 CHF
  • Pack of ten 40-min sessions
    1,350 CHF
  • Pack of twelve 40-min sessions
    1,500 CHF
  • Pack of twenty 40-min sessions
    2,400 CHF

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