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LPG Endermologie: history, applications and perspectives


You might have seen the futuristic looking LPG Endermologie® machines in a beauty institute or at a plastic surgeon practice and wondering what is all about?

LPG Endermologie,  also called lipomassage® can be described as a non surgical treatment to reduce cellulite, reshape the body, tighten sagging  skin and increase lymphatic circulation. LPG technique is used in body sculpting, post liposuccion, healing of burned skin or the reduction of post-operative edema and ecchymosis.

Inception of LPG Endermologie

Although it is not publicized much,  one man is at the origin of the endermologie we know today: in 1985,  Louis Paul Guitay (LPG)  a French engineer, came up had the idea to develop a revolutionary device after  a car accident which left him with scars to treat. He underwent some physical therapy sessions and   painful sessions of knead-and-roll massages.

It is during this difficult time of therapy that he  had the idea to automate the knead-and-roll massage  and make it less painful.

Timeline of the LPG Endermologie

How does Endermologie works?

lipomassage lpg montreux

The latest generation of LPG machine, the cellu M6 Alliance,  is a patented device made up of a head with two motorized flaps and rolls  in an air-tight suction chamber which pull up  the skin in different directions. A computer allows to control the control the sequence of suction and roll-ups.

As LPG machines are quite sophisticated,  a trained therapist (by LPG systems) is required to carry out the treatment which can be  therapeutic or aesthetic.

Scientific Studies

Since its inception, LPG systems collaborated with many science institutes, and health professionals to test the effectiveness of LPG endermologie on the human body. Today, more than 145 studies have been conducted on LPG endermologie on many domains like aesthetic medicine, sport medicine and physical therapy.

Generally these studies use a group of people with different body and skin types. Studies are carried out with a control so for example if thighs were the focus of a study, one will be left untreated and the other will undergo a LPG treatment.

Visual tests, before and after treatment, are made by photographing the subject using more sophisticated visual techniques like photogrammetry. To measure the impact of the mechanical stimulation on the skin, collagen and elastin fibers, hyaluronic acid are analyzed before (T0) and after a certain numbers of LPG treatment, for examples 12 (T1) and 20 (T2). Self-evaluation questionnaires are also filled by the patient before after the treatment on different aspect of the treatment (skin tone, skin firmness, pain).

Studies found that  LPG’s mechanical stimulation of the skin increased the numbers of fibrobasts, skin cells responsible for the production of production of collagen and elastin fibers as well as hyaluronic acid.

LPG is mostly known as a non-invasive treatment to reduce cellulite but it is also used in the treatment of post-surgery scars and burns, fibrosis, skin grafts and to relieve  joints stiffness and back pain.

Face Endermologie

face endermologie ergolift

Facial endermologie is a relatively new technology  commercialized by LPG in 2013.  It has been proved  to be effective in reducing wrinkles. It also  brightens up  skin complexion and reduce the double chin. It is often  described as a deep tissue facial. Although it is not as effective as blepharoplasty, it can reduce the appearances of bags under the eyes.

The massage head, called Ergolift, is made of motorized pulsating  flaps within a treatment chamber. Like the massage head used for body endermologie, the mechanical stimulation is working in both ways:  horizontally and vertically with no  twisting or pinching of the skin.

Beyond Endermologie

Beyond  endermologie, LPG systems developed  a more holistic approach to physical therapy  with  the Huber® 360 system.  Huber® 360 is a motorized platform equipped with force sensors  that can be use for body rehabilitation, high intensity training by athletes. Training with Huber improves flexibility, resistance, balance and strength.


Although designed originally by Louis Paul Guitay  for physical therapy, LPG is mostly known today for its use in aesthetic medicine  and especially as an effective treatment to reduce cellulite. In order to reach more customers,  LPG released in 2014 the wellbox, a home care LPG kit to DIY body and  and face endermologie.

In the next coming years, LPG is likely to continue to expand its reach to more applications and improve its existing technology by adding more connectivity and imaging software  The base technology is probably here to stay for the foreseeable future until LPG comes up with a new disruptive technology.