Consultation day: Friday, 9.00 am – 7.00 pm.

Secretary’s hours: 9.00 am – 7.00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


  • Consultation
    150 CHF
    (The consultation will be deducted from the treatment cost if this is carried out within 30 days)

Aesthetic dermato-surgery

It enables us to rework unsightly or painful scars and treat skin cancer, especially the most common type: basal-cell carcinoma (BCC).


  • Scar recovery
    From 300 CHF
  • Micrographic Surgery
    400-2,500 CHF

Aesthetic surgery

Asking to correct a body part is linked to a discrepancy patients feel between themselves and their body image. This difference in perception is synonymous with emotional distress, which is behind patients’ request for surgery.


Prices available on the dedicated page for each intervention.

Botulinum toxin

This is the world’s most widely practised aesthetic treatment. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines without stiffening the face.


  • Glabellar frown lines
    300-800 CHF
  • Forehead wrinkles
    300-800 CHF
  • Crow’s feet
    300-800 CHF
  • Bitterness folds at the corners of the mouth
    300-800 CHF
  • Perspiring armpits, soles of the feet and palms of the hands
    From 700 CHF


Cellfina is the only medical technique for lasting, safe improvement of a cellulitic appearance without injecting chemicals and without leaving scars.


  • Buttocks
    3,000-4,800 CHF
  • Outer thighs
    2,500-4,200 CHF
  • Outer thighs and buttocks
    4,500-5,400 CHF


Cryolipolysis by CoolSculpting is a weight-loss method that uses cold to eliminate certain areas of fat.


  • 1 area
    700 CHF
  • 2 areas
    1,200 CHF

Hair transplants

FUE (follicular unit extraction): a scar-free technique to achieve natural-looking denser hair on the scalp, beard, eyebrows and scars.


  • Scalp
    From 4,500 CHF
  • Beard
    From 2,500 CHF
  • Eyebrows
    From 2,500 CHF
  • Scar cover
    From 2,500 CHF

Hyaluronic acid injections

This is a natural skin component that tends to decrease with age. As hyaluronic acid disappears, the face becomes gaunt and wrinkles appear.


  • Injection
    600 CHF
  • 2nd injection on the same day
    500 CHF

Laser treatment

To achieve a glowing skin complexion, precise techniques have been developed to target each problem and obtain effective results as quickly as possible.

Hair removal prices


Price per session : 1st-3rdPrice per session : from 4th onwards
In between the eyebrows70 CHF35 CHF
Nose/Ears70 CHF35 CHF
Upper Lip70 CHF35 CHF
Chin70 CHF35 CHF
Beard/Lower Face175 CHF140 CHF
Neck/Collar Line105 CHF70 CHF
Lip + Chin105 CHF70 CHF


Price per session : 1st-3rdPrice per session : from 4th onwards
Armpit105 CHF70 CHF
Full Arm280 CHF245 CHF
Forearm175 CHF140 CHF
Hands105 CHF70 CHF

Upper body

Price per session : 1st-3rdPrice per session : from 4th onwards
Shoulders140 CHF70 CHF
Torso280 CHF245 CHF
Full Back315 CHF245 CHF
Upper Back175 CHF105 CHF
Lower Back175 CHF105 CHF
Chest105 CHF70 CHF
Abdomen175 CHF140 CHF
Abdominal Line70 CHF35 CHF
Upper Back + Shoulders280 CHF245 CHF
Upper Back + Shoulders + Torso560 CHF490 CHF
Full Back + Shoulders420 CHF350 CHF

Private parts

Price per session : 1st-3rdPrice per session : from 4th onwards
Buttocks175 CHF105 CHF
Standard Bikini Line105 CHF70 CHF
Brazilian Bikini Line140 CHF105 CHF
Hollywood Bikini Line175 CHF140 CHF

Lower body

Price per session : 1st-3rdPrice per session : from 4th onwards
Full Legs420 CHF385 CHF
Half Legs280 CHF245 CHF
Thigh (excluding knee)280 CHF245 CHF
Knee only70 CHF35 CHF
Dorsum of the Foot105 CHF70 CHF
Backs of the Thighs140 CHF105 CHF


Price per session : 1st-3rdPrice per session : from 4th onwards
Armpits + Standard Bikini Line175 CHF140 CHF
Armpits + Brazilian Bikini Line210 CHF175 CHF
Armpits + Hollywood Bikini Line245 CHF210 CHF
Armpits + Half Legs + Standard Bikini Line455 CHF420 CHF
Armpits + Half Legs + Brazilian Bikini Line490 CHF455 CHF
Armpits + Half Legs + Hollywood Bikini Line525 CHF490 CHF
Armpits + Full Legs + Standard Bikini Line630 CHF560 CHF
Armpits + Full Legs + Brazilian Bikini Line665 CHF595 CHF
Armpits + Full Legs + Hollywood Bikini Line770 CHF700 CHF
Armpits + Half Legs350 CHF315 CHF
Armpits + Full Legs560 CHF525 CHF

Other prices

Vascular lesions / Pigmented lesions

Price per session : 1st-3rdPrice per session : from 4th onwards
Full Face650 CHF600 CHF
Forehead + Periorbital Region500 CHF450 CHF
Peribuccal Region350 CHF300 CHF
Neck500 CHF450 CHF
Face + Neck950 CHF850 CHF
Cleavage500 CHF450 CHF
Hands450 CHF400 CHF
Scars, depending on extent200-300 CHF150-250 CHF

Tattoo removal

Price per session: 1st-3rdPrice per session: from 4th onwards
Small: less than 10 cm2150 CHF100 CHF
Medium: less than 100 cm2350 CHF300 CHF
Large: bigger than 100 cm2From 350 CHFFrom 300 CHF


Price per session: 1st-3rdPrice per session: from 4th onwards
Oval of the face300 CHF250 CHF
Oval of the face + neck400 CHF350 CHF

LPG – Endermologie

Stimulating dormant cell activity deep in your skin to combat any unsightly imperfections that appear.


  • 10-min session
    50 CHF
  • 20-min session
    90 CHF
  • 30-min session
    120 CHF
  • 40-min session
    150 CHF
  • Pack of six 40-min sessions
    800 CHF
  • Pack of ten 40-min sessions
    1,350 CHF
  • Pack of twelve 40-min sessions
    1,500 CHF
  • Pack of twenty 40-min sessions
    2,400 CHF


This aesthetic treatment tones and firms up facial skin and restores a glowing complexion.


  • Injection
    450 CHF
  • 2nd injection on the same day
    350 CHF


Peeling solutions are applied to the entire face or its most sensitive areas, such as the eyelids. This is done as a depigmentation treatment and to achieve radiant, youthful skin.


  • Superficial peeling
    200 CHF
  • Course of 4 sessions + 5 customized products
    1,000 CHF
  • Depigmentation peeling
    300 CHF
  • Deep peeling
    400 CHF

Vampire lift – PRP

This natural, innovative treatment enhances tissue vitality and promotes its repair. It helps trigger the skin’s natural regeneration mechanisms.


  • Injection
    600-1,000 CHF