Peeling involves applying a chemical product to the skin that causes desquamation of its superficial layers. This removes dead cells from the face and makes the skin look renewed and radiant again.

30-60 mins


From 200 CHF

Purpose of peeling

Peeling treats skin ageing by chemical exfoliant treatment.
There are various types of peeling treatment.
They are distinguished from one another by their composition and concentration, which influences how deeply they penetrate skin layers. A peeling treatment is chosen according to the state of your skin and the desired result.
Peeling acts on fine lines, wrinkles, shrivelling, pigmentation spots (e.g. sun spots), acne scars, hyperseborrhea and skin sagging.

Benefits of peeling

This treatment brightens up a grey complexion, eliminates brown spots, smooths away fine lines and acne scars, and freshens up the skin.

Expected outcome of peeling

Finer skin texture and smaller pore size; a brighter, clearer complexion; tauter skin.


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Useful information

Before the intervention

  • An initial medico-surgical consultation is first arranged to:
    • Ascertain any allergies you may have.
    • Decide on the type of peeling according to your skin and the desired result.
    • Draw up a quote specifying the price and number of sessions.
  • Prepare your skin at home for 3 weeks by applying a cream formulated by the doctor.

Day of the intervention

  • The skin is cleansed, degreased, rinsed and dried.
  • A solution is applied according to the peeling treatment chosen.
  • The duration of action varies according to the peeling treatment.
  • A neutralising solution is applied.
  • The face is rinsed and dried.
  • A suitable cream is applied according to the peeling treatment.
  • Post-treatment instructions are given according to the peeling treatment.
  • You can resume normal activity immediately after the session.

After the intervention

  • Moisturise your skin.
  • You are advised to use sun cream for 1 month.
  • Space out the sessions at 15-day intervals.


  • Superficial peeling
    250 CHF
  • Course of 4 sessions + 5 customized products
    1,200 CHF
  • Depigmentation peeling
    300 CHF
  • Deep peeling
    400 CHF


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